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Combining sentences.  Remember to print your page.

come across any large elephants. are a strong interest for many kids.
is fun and can be relaxing. for safety when you are riding your bike.
and pets can be a very special and long term bond. around the school bus.
can be the first step in producing good written work. to be a good baseball player.
hobby and you can start at a young age. and we are thankful for the food we have.
were the main method of transportation across long distances. a very special experience.
are beautiful, and smell wonderful! is the rainbow that follows the storm.
The relationship between children  
Having a good attitude for writing
Photography is a good
The best part of a strong storm
Listening to music
You need strong arms and you should be fit
Flowers in the spring
Handheld video games
Out on safari in Africa, you should take care if you
Wearing helmets is essential
Always remember the safety zone
In the Fall, we celebrate Thanksgiving,
In the 19th century, steam trains
Swimming with dolphins can be