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owls and skeletons witches candy pumpkin black and orange
masks bats Halloween black cats trick or treat


We celebrate  every year on October 31st. The name  comes from "All Hallowe's Eve".
A is the symbol of Halloween. The seeds are carved out and a candle is placed in the hollowed out and then it is called a Jack O' Lantern.
were believed to be evil  women who could cast spells and could talk with their black cats.
In bygone days  were long thought to be spiritual animals. People who were superstitious, used to link them to witches, thinking the could sense good and evil spirits.
Because are animals that are mainly active at night, people used to think they were evil or bad luck.
The peoples of ancient times, believed that the spirits of the dead could return to earth at this time of year. That is why, when Halloween comes around now, some people wear and costumes which represent death.
The colors are mostly associated with Halloween.
Kids often wear all kinds of ugly, scary to go walking around the neighborhood.
They knock on all the doors and as soon as the door opens, they all start shouting "   !" . Then they hold out their bags or buckets to receive their treats.
Kids collect a lot of  in their Halloween buckets. They take it home and enjoy it for many days.

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