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Halloween is coming and I like to
Something very scary happened to me while out walking tonight. It gave me such a fright. So I rushed home and told my mom that
Our neighbor likes to decorate his front porch for fun holidays. Last week he put a pumpkin outside his front door. Suddenly a big
I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When I walked into my room, my bed was all rumpled and my sheet
My Aunt Zelda seems to be a little strange sometimes. She came to visit us and when I opened the door,
My friend Timmy was having a sleepover at my house. We heard some eerie music coming from behind some bushes. We crept outside and ran over to see what was happening. To our surprise we saw
Then on our way back home we heard a rustle in the tree tops and all of a sudden
Everything was getting far too spooky so Timmy and I decided to go home. But, as we were walking down the street, we heard a thundering noise and looked up and saw

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   ALL CHILDREN CAN TYPE AT THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.  This web site shows how children can produce writing using their areas of strength.  This is an online exercise for students to complete online and print.  We are working on adding online timing and accuracy tracking.  Your student will be able log in and have ALL writing exercises recorded.  This includes writing using all input methods:  handwriting, typing, voice recording, speech recognition and alternate input methods.  Every method of writing production can be recorded.

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