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Language based writing training

Exercises on this web site will cover all aspects of writing production.  In addition, writing content will focus on the elements of language as well as the 6 Traits of Writing approach. 


Parts of speech

Nouns and Pronouns

Verbs - form and tense

Subject-verb agreement

Adjectives and Adverbs




frequently used:   , . ?


less common  :  "  ()  !

smileys and chat functions

conveying thoughts and feelings
     with punctuation



fragments and phrases

sentence starters     

types of sentences

sentence structure

subjects, action, linking

combining sentences



paragraph starters   

beginning, middle, end




Creative writing

brainstorming and mapping

journal writing





6+1 Traits

Ideas, the main message;

Organization, the internal structure of the piece;

Voice, the personal tone and flavor of the author's message;

Word Choice, the vocabulary a writer chooses to convey meaning;

Sentence Fluency, the rhythm and flow of the language;

Conventions, the mechanical correctness;

and Presentation, how the writing actually looks on the page.

   from  www.thetraits.org